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Soft Pleated Roman Shades with trim.

Interior Touches does custom sewing for your home.  Drapes, window treatments, cushions, pillows and more.  Working with your decorator or your fabrics to create the look you want for your home. In business since 1995.

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Custom Bedding

Custom SewingCustom accessories mixed with readymade can be the perfect solution for a decorator look that is easy on the budget.Cushion

Design by Restoration Interior Design, LLC

Fabrication by Interior Touches Bedding

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Recovering Chair Seats

Broken chair seat. Broken Chair Repair 1

Repair 4Repair 3

Repair 2Once again I have a customer who has requested the total replacement of upholstered seats for dining chairs. At the cost of dining room furniture this is an excellent investment.  I templated the existing  seats and proceeded to rebuild them from scratch.


Dining room chair with new seat.For more information contact…


Irene Jackson at 410-418-8724



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Repairing a Chair

Chair Repair 1Chair Repair 2Today I am working on a project in which I will be cutting and replacing the wooden support on the seat of an occasional chair.

A small investment will add years to the life of the chair.

No need to throw it away.

Chair Repair 3

Call Interior Touches for further information.Chair Repair 4

Pick up and delivery is available in the Howard County Area.

Chair Repair 5

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Black and white pillows.This week I have been busy finishing up an order. These 18″ square pillows and the small 14″ square are down filled.  The rectangle is done with a polyester fiberfill form. All are trimmed in coordinating lip cording. Zipper closings along the bottom edge are added for ease in future cleaning.

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Foot Warmer

Today’s project…Toot Warmer for the end of a bed.a foot warmer for the end of a bed.  After 216 knots I am finally done.  This foot warmer was made for a customer and measures 90″ x 20″. It is filled with 10 oz. batting and both machine and hand  tufted to  prevent the batting from shifting.   The  main purpose of this piece is to pull together the colors being used in the room.  I will follow with more pictures of the completed job once the install is complete.

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Expanding Business

Over the past few years more and more of my business has come over the internet. I never considered the idea of custom sewing for customer’s living out of state until a few of my local customers moved away.  I have found that with careful communication and if they are comfortable with doing the measuring and installation it actually works very well.

Brown Pinch pleated drapes.

These drapes were done for such a customer.  She sent me the link to the fabric she wanted to use.  That way I was able to look up the information I needed such as the repeat of the design and width of the fabric. Then she sent the basic measurements of the window along with a couple of photos. She also sent the link to the rod she wanted to use.

I calculated the fabric needed for the project and she placed the order having the fabric shipped directly to Interior Touches. Now that the draperies are complete I will box them carefully and ship them to her along with directions to help her installation go smoothly.

If you are interested in more information please contact


Irene 410-418-8724

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Stitching History

Flag at Ft. McHenry.I am very excited to be one of the volunteer stitchers recreating the Star Spangled Banner.

Here is the link to our kickstarter campaign (below). To restate what Kristin said at orientation, we have to reach our goal of $10,000. If we don’t reach that goal, we do not get to keep a single penny of the money! So tell your family and friends about this and help us reach our goal!

Stitching History!

Please help us make this a real success.




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Updating Chairs

Dining room chair.One project that can update a home or office is recovering chairs. Dining room chair.Changing the fabric on your dining chairs can update the whole room.

Dining room chair.If needed, new foam or batting can be added easily at the same time.

Call Interior Touches for further information.Office chair

Free pick up and delivery is available in the Howard County, MD Area.

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Ft. McHenry

Flag at Ft. McHenry.For those of you living in the area I want to tell you about a wonderful event that just happened.  Flag Day at Ft. McHenry. Over the years my family has gone many times. The kids are all grown now but it was a beautiful evening so this past Friday my husband and I attended.  Attendance at the celebration was the least I have ever seen but we had a wonderful picnic while listening to the bands and singers, watching 18 people be sworn in as US citizens and then enjoying the fireworks to the accompaniment of the 229th Army Band.  Presentation of the state flags.With a National Landmark so near I hope you will mark you calendars and enjoy the opportunity  next year.  They have events throughout the summer.  If you are looking for a distanation for an afternoon it was a beautiful spot for a picnic. Check out Ft.McHenry for more information on upcoming programs.
Presentation of the colors.While I was at the Flag Day celebration I learned The Maryland Historical Society was about to begin work recreating the 30x 42 foot Star Spangled Banner flag! I was excited to find out they are going to be sharing this with the general public.  The flag will be sewn during the same six-week period that Mary Pickersgill did the original 200 years ago. Once complete the flag will be flown over Fort McHenry this year on Defender’s Day, September 14th.  From there it will be used for school programs and other events during the Bicentennial Year of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. In 2014 it will then be transported to the Smithsonian’s American History Museum where the original is on display.
I called today to volunteer to do a section.  I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ll let you know how it goes in a future post.
The dates for the public sewing days are Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday August 11th. For more information and to sign up visit www.mdhs.org/events or email events@mdhs.org or call 410-685-3750 Ext. 350
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Interior Touches Joins Hocoblogs.

I am excited to join you at Howard County Maryland Blogs. I am a believer small businesses can work together to support one another. My specialty is custom sewing for your home but where do you spend more hours? If you are like most of us it is in your work place. That being said maybe a small investment in making the office more pleasant will be well spent money.

During my 18 years in business I have recovered chairs, made cushions for benches, soft window treatments, drapes and cornices for both homes and offices. Please visit the gallery to view some of our work.

I am happy to work directly with you or through your decorator.  If you are looking to completely remodel the office or your home and need a referral I have several decorators I can recommend. Most businesses can get away with just recovering cushions and chairs to brighten waiting rooms and reception areas. Maybe a fast coat of paint in an updated color to make clients and customers feel as though they have walked into a strong and vibrant business. You may not be able to judge a book by the cover but appearances do count. Make the first impression a pleasant one for your customers.

Contact Interior Touches for more information.

I look forward to working with everyone at Hocoblogs.

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