T-Shirt Pillows

Custom T-shirt Pillows

T-shirts from dance recitals.

This collection of t-shirts was a project I was given to complete for a teenager’s graduation gift. The shirts were from various dance recitals she had participated in. Her mother asked Interior Touches to make them as a gift for her daughter to use in her dorm room this fall.

T-shirt pillows.





If you are interested in having similar pillows made from t-shirts from your own special event please contact:


The pillows can be made with or withoutPillow Backs trim.  An assortment of trims are available on line or at your local Joann Fabric and Craft Store.  You can supply your own forms or I can provide them for you. Once you choose the size you want I will quote you a price and the amount of trim you will need to supply for the project.  When ordering custom pillows for a special occasion  please allow enough time for the work to be completed.  Once I have all the materials in hand I will be able to give you a completion date.

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