Shower Curtain

Last week I began searching for a new shower curtain. I have been using one I bought in approximately 1983. I think I got my money’s worth. Well, what I wanted is not out there. First off I need drapes on both sides to hide the edge and discolored glue mess from a tub surround we installed ourselves in the basement of our current home. I also had to have a valance to distract my eye from the top edge of the surround and the extra pole I leave there for hanging drip dry only clothes.

So after searching endless internet sites and going to at least 10 stores I was wandering around Bed Bath and Beyond and decided to look at window panels. I found the exact fabric I wanted. I purchased a scarf valance 216″ x 50″. I also purchased two pressure shower rods and two shower curtain liners. It was a sheer fabric and my husband wanted them lined. He hangs out with me too much! LOL

Next from each end of the scarf I cut a length of fabric 85″ for the two side panels. You want to cut from each end so you can use the hem that is already on the scarf valance. In my case I needed a finished length of 82″. I turned over the top edge 3″ to form a rod pocket 2 1/2″ wide; stitch.

Easy to adjust hem.Then I ran a string through the original hem and tied it in a loop, gently gathering the fabric to create a puffy look at the bottom. I inserted both panels on the first pressure rod and mounted the rod above and slightly to the front of the existing shower rod. I want to continue to use the old rod for a waterproof liner.

Shower curtain with valance.To form the valance I divided what was left of the scarf into 3 sections each 18″ long and 50″ wide. I joined them together using a basic sewing machine. Now I had a length 18″ x 150″. In my case I choose to line the valance. Using the liner I purchased, I cut and joined it to be the same size as the fabric. I placed right sides together and sewed around all edges leaving two small openings one on each short side edge. They are open from the top down 6″ on each side. This allowed me to turn the valance right side out and will also be used as the opening to insert the rod later.

Turn the valance right side out and press so the seams lay flat and neat. I then sewed 3″ down from the top edge. This section is the header and are usually 1 1/2″ to 3″.  Sew again 5 1/2″ down from the top edge forming a pocket for the rod between your two rows of stitching. You should now have a finished valance measuring approximately 17″ by 150″. Insert the second pressure rod through the pocket and adjust the fullness and mount this rod slightly above and in front of the first.

Shower Curtain with valance.It is very easy sewing and within two hours I had the exact shower curtain I wanted.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would rather hire Interior Touches do the sewing for you.

Tools needed:
Sewing Machine
Safety Pin (to tie a thread to to pull through the existing hem)
Two shower curtain pressure rods available at Target, Walmart or Kohls
One scarf valance measuring approximately 50″ x 216″
Lining fabric or trims if wanted.

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