Interior Touches Joins Hocoblogs.

I am excited to join you at Howard County Maryland Blogs. I am a believer small businesses can work together to support one another. My specialty is custom sewing for your home but where do you spend more hours? If you are like most of us it is in your work place. That being said maybe a small investment in making the office more pleasant will be well spent money.

During my 18 years in business I have recovered chairs, made cushions for benches, soft window treatments, drapes and cornices for both homes and offices. Please visit the gallery to view some of our work.

I am happy to work directly with you or through your decorator.  If you are looking to completely remodel the office or your home and need a referral I have several decorators I can recommend. Most businesses can get away with just recovering cushions and chairs to brighten waiting rooms and reception areas. Maybe a fast coat of paint in an updated color to make clients and customers feel as though they have walked into a strong and vibrant business. You may not be able to judge a book by the cover but appearances do count. Make the first impression a pleasant one for your customers.

Contact Interior Touches for more information.

I look forward to working with everyone at Hocoblogs.

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