Expanding Business

Over the past few years more and more of my business has come over the internet. I never considered the idea of custom sewing for customer’s living out of state until a few of my local customers moved away.  I have found that with careful communication and if they are comfortable with doing the measuring and installation it actually works very well.

Brown Pinch pleated drapes.

These drapes were done for such a customer.  She sent me the link to the fabric she wanted to use.  That way I was able to look up the information I needed such as the repeat of the design and width of the fabric. Then she sent the basic measurements of the window along with a couple of photos. She also sent the link to the rod she wanted to use.

I calculated the fabric needed for the project and she placed the order having the fabric shipped directly to Interior Touches. Now that the draperies are complete I will box them carefully and ship them to her along with directions to help her installation go smoothly.

If you are interested in more information please contact


Irene 410-418-8724

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